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Date published: March 1, 2019 at 8:45 am
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I was lucky enough to meet Lauren on her recent trip to Hobart. Her girl next door looks and the similar interests that we both shared such as AFL, fishing and outdoor activities made me immediately think she’s a country girl. Lauren seemed perfect.

Meeting Lauren for the first time I was immediately taken by how happy and welcoming she was. She is a breath of fresh air. Sounds like your typical aussie from the West Coast which is great. Lauren is one of the most easy going yet excitable people I’ve come across. She has an innocence and sincerity about her that I found remarkably refreshing and she looked even better than I had hoped she would.

In the bedroom it was as if Lauren really was my girlfriend. Her kisses took my breath away, she was so passionate and responsive and did everything to make the experience something I’d always remember. The last part of the booking we laid in bed chatting and laughing. She comes out with some of the most outrageously funny comments. A real gem.

Lauren thank you for seeing me. You are one of the most vivacious women I have had the pleasure to meet and I hope to catch you again this year on your return to Hobart.

Cya Ricky
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