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Date published: January 19, 2019 at 10:25 am
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When Lauren announced her last Sydney tour I just knew I had to meet her, so I sent the text and within moments received a reply. The booking process was quick and easy and within minutes I had locked in a time and had sent through my deposit.

The day finally arrived and I anxiously prepared myself for my encounter with Lauren that afternoon. Arriving to her place she buzzed me up and as I made my way to her front door I could feel my nerves going into overdrive. When the door opened and I saw her bright eyes and glorious smile I immediately felt at ease and grew excited for what was to come.

From the get go Lauren focused all her happy bubbly attention on me. She is the complete package. Her vibrant personality compliments her pretty face and her naturally toned body.

Her GFE service is just WOW! Words can’t describe it. The reviews are true Lauren is a firecracker and has a lot of energy though don’t let this scare you off if you are into slow and sensual. She has her own cheeky way of connecting intimately with you on a much deeper level. I had to control myself a few times so that I did not finish round one too quickly as I didn’t want to stop experiencing her body pressing up against mine, (her skin is just so soft it felt phenomenal). The rest of our time was spent laughing and talking about all kinds of stuff before Lauren initiated another round of fun which ended with a bang bringing our booking to an end. When time was up I jumped in for a scrub, dressed myself and bid the sweetest of girls goodbye.

All in all it was a fantastic experience and I'll definitely be seeing her again.
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