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Date published: December 4, 2018 at 10:21 am
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After seeing Lauren for multiple hours the previous few times, I decided to take it further and see Lauren for multiple days! With this kind of booking, you are never really sure if things will go well as even with a three hour booking, you don’t see everything about each other. Well, Lauren and I met. Spent three nights and four days together. And it was bliss.

I don’t understand how people can book Lauren for one hour and be happy that that is enough time. She is so much fun and especially with these long bookings, energy levels can fall. But Lauren has a built in generator. Always positive, always smiling, full of energy, her mood is infectious. I have to admit and Lauren will agree our personalities are pretty different. But even I was captivated by this gorgeous girl and couldn’t help but to laugh along with her. Conversation as you expect flows so easily with Lauren. Lauren is also brutally honest with things. That makes her real.

We spent hours walking on the beach, messing around in the pool, wonderful dinners out and of course the bedroom fun where I was happy to have her to myself for a few days so I could inspect and maul every inch of that fabulous body.

It was a wonderful four days and as early as the second day I knew I would miss her when it was all over. As I write this……and I left her half an hour ago…..yes……I have a heavy heart and feel such a loss of her presence. You can’t not miss Lauren after spending this amount of time with her. She is such a strong presence. I will treasure this time I had with Lauren for a long time. Love you loads Lauren. Be safe. xxxx
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