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Date published: October 27, 2019 at 7:01 pm
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Beautiful in every way - don't Lana seeing her!

First saw Lana in Adelaide earlier this year for a 30 minute sensual massage and rnt (h.e.). Such a great time that I wanted to see her again.

She returned again a couple of months ago, on her 'retiring soon' tour, but unfortunately I was overseas. So I texted her to say I was sorry I missed seeing her, and wished her well.

She replied she may get back to Adelaide a final time, and she has! Got a private email on Friday just gone to say she was in Adelaide from today (Sunday) for a few days.

So I arranged a 45 minute booking for 1pm today (sensual + rnt for $300 - I'm not a full service man). Knocked on the door, and was greeted by a vision of loveliness with a big smile and a kiss.

Into the bedroom, finances sorted, undressed and laid down face up. She slipped her dress down to the waist - no bra and those beautiful perky breasts with lovely pink nipples greeted me.

I asked if we could cuddle and touch, and talk, and off we went! Lots of stroking and teasing of the tackle, and gentle kisses down my body and legs. Heaven!

Nothing was off-limits. Played with her breasts, and the nipples quickly stood up. Seriously, those breasts/nipples are something to behold, feel and kiss!! Her photos don't do her natural beauty justice.

Lana wasn’t wearing panties, and let me play with her delightful pussy, which was soon wet. The dress came off, and she wanted me to press on her anus (no entry) while she played with herself. She may have come, although I can never tell for sure.

More cuddling, touching and teasing, and smiling as she played with me in every way I asked. It was an amazing time, but sadly for me, the ageing body just would not climax. Lana went overtime trying everything to get me over the line, but today simply was not my day.

So you may think that was not really much of a good time - but you would be wrong! Even as I got dressed, she sat unselfconsciously nude on the bed with her whole gorgeous body on full display whilst we finished chatting. Some farewell kisses (lips and those beautiful breasts) and I floated out the door.

It was an amazing time with a beautiful woman physically and in personality, to see, touch, hold, play and talk with. The whole 45 minutes filled me with the most erotic pleasurable sensations, and I simply would not have missed a moment of my time with Lana!!

Would I return? In a heartbeat, but I leave tomorrow for a week interstate, so won't be able to :(

Guys, she's only here for another couple of days, so don't Lana out - whether her retirement is permanent or just a lengthy time out to recharge, who knows? IMHO, why risk not having one of the best experiences I can imagine!! Of course, the usual caveat that YMMV! Enjoy!!

(PS. Sorry if this sounds like an advertisement for/by Lana. I’m telling it like it was for me, and I’m still savouring the memories!!).
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