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Date published: July 22, 2018 at 11:41 am
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Lana is a breathtaking woman,an you can be sure Lana's profile an pictures are 100%. I had the good fortune of seeing Lana,the first time,june 2016(in Australia),we had such an amazing time I continued to see Lana throughout 2016 an then into 2017....I found myself highly attracted to Lana,so many attractive qualities as a woman,an Lana made me feel, like no other girlfriends previously(aroused my every sense)100%. The pleasure was all mine.

Lana's breathtaking qualities begin with her petite/athletic figure,so wonderfully feminine(takes great pride in her appearance),which is just so perfectly suited to modelling any type(of anything),or barely there lingerie,or the tiniest of tiny swimwear(I can still vividly recall our first date,the anticipation,Lana opening the door,i hear Lana's beautiful accent before I see her,an then I see her standing before me,so beautiful,wearing a cheeky see through one piece,with a smile,Lana welcomed me into her flat,an as I followed, my gaze explored her every move)Lana had my focus 100%. The beautiful experiences which followed(always began with a red,this lady has impeccable taste), I will leave to your imagination,i thoroughly enjoyed Lana's company(throughout our many dates,passionate,loving an especially a beautiful person,wonderful confidence,so sexy,).

Cheers to you Lana,im forever thankful...x(you've set the bar exceptionally high for my future girlfriends)……...

Jeff B

P.s I dare you to find out for yourself..:)

Cheers to you Lana
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