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Date published: September 23, 2015 at 12:51 am
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Well its been a few months and I've been absolutely obsessed with Lana since our meeting and want to arrange another meeting to sample more of what Lana has to offer

I had once tried to meet but for personal reasons had to cancel, so when we eventually met was very excited. Unfortunately I got lost on my way to her but Lana was more than understanding and nice about my stuff up.

Lana met me out the front of the hotel where I was greeted by a beautiful woman with an amazing smile, Lana gave me a peck on the check and we went upstairs. We had a pleasant chat in the lift on the way up and took care of business once we were alone.

With the formalities out of the way I quickly showered and met Lana sitting on the couch. She was wearing a sexy short black skirt with a black body suit type thing on. Lana poured me a glass of wine and we had another brief chat before my animal urges took over. I lowered myself to the floor and positioned my face between her legs. I pushed the skirt up to reveal her pussy hiding behind leoped print panties, I quickly slide them to the side buried my face in her beautiful pink lips. After a while i removed the rest of her clothing and my towel to reveal a swollen cock. Lana moved in and took my cock in her mouth. Lana has some good cock sucking skills, it wasn't long before I wanted to unload my baby batter into her mouth. I removed her mouth from my cock and layed myself back against the couch and got Lana to stand over me where I could look straight up at her, Lana lowered herself down on to my face where I again enjoyed some time with my tongue in her pussy.

Having never used toys on a lady before I asked Lana if she could grab her dildos, which she was happy to do. I layed her down on the floor and spread her legs wide, I took the dildo and started rubbing it over her clit, her moans where making me go instane, I inserted the dildo into her pussy then went back down and used my tongue on her clit. This didn't last long before before I got covered up and roll Lana over into doggy and got into her from behind. This was clearly a position Lana enjoys, her pussy was tight as I entered her. Lana has an amazing ass and from where I was I wanted to swap from her pussy to ass but her ass wasn't on the table for this particular visits. I continued to drive away at Lana's pussy from behind, with my cock swelling further until I could no longer keep my baby batter inside me and I filled the condom with my juices.

Overall I thought Lana was sensational and I definitely want to return again and experience her PSE and ass for our next visit


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