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Date published: January 30, 2019 at 10:34 pm
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I wish I’d acted sooner on my long-held belief that you can’t judge a book by its cover. I’d often flicked past a photo on Scarlet Blue of a pair of mesmerizing green eyes in a slightly blurred but still captivating elfin face, subconsciously thinking that the pink hair most likely indicated a ditzy airhead with multiple piercings and tattoos. Then Twitter lead me to read some quirky, expressive tweets that suggested an intelligence and wit worth exploring so I delved into Lady Charlotte’s profile, and discovered a true gem. I felt impelled to make a booking to learn more about the charming and witty temptress beneath the pink hair.
She is a stunningly beautiful young lady possessed of a petite, perfectly sculpted body, who offers ridiculously low rates for an exceptional experience. She jokingly claims she is able to prove she is the best kisser that ever lived. All I can say is that it is impossible to disprove this claim, but I can verify that she is certainly the best kisser I’ve ever encountered, and other testimonials on this site suggest I’m not alone in this regard. She is also amazingly cuddle-able, and I wasn’t surprised to be told I was the second person to tell her this on the same day!
The three hours I spent in her company fully supported the comments in her profile that she loves affection, passion and close contact, and the physical intimacy was perfectly matched by open, honest communication (in an adorable cultured accent and dulcet tones) that enhanced the personal connection and made me feel as though I got to know the real Charlotte in what can genuinely be described as a Girlfriend Experience.
Charlotte says she believes her clients should feel completely elated when they leave, and that I certainly did, though it was tinged with sadness that I had to leave her after three hours that felt like so much less, though that sadness was relieved by the certainty that I will arrange to see her again.
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