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Date published: May 28, 2018 at 2:44 pm
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I first became aware of Kit via social media and was immediately struck by the fun, cheekiness and adventurism of Kit’s photos. Those photos only tell part of the story and when we finally met I found Kit to be a kind, thoughtful and generous person who also happens to like sex, a lot. For somebody such as myself who is more interested in the delights of naked embrace and mutual pleasure rather than flat out performance Kit was an absolute pleasure to be with and I would love to have more dates in future.

Finally if there is a word I would to use to describe Kit it is trust. My sexual experience is limited and if I chose to expand my horizons I would ask Kit to join me. Why, because in Kit I know that I have somebody who I could trust implicitly to gently guide, teach, and encourage me, and best of all share in the joy of a new liberating experience.

Until we meet again Kit, thank you.
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