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Date published: August 3, 2018 at 4:45 pm
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I came across Kit on Twitter, really liked her way, so when a tour to Auckland was announced I was fortunate enough to score a booking, the date a quiet beacon on the calendar.

I'm cutting it fine to be at the bar on time, striding along, when a woman rounds the corner in front of me, and I'm idly thinking she ain't mucking around when I realise it might be Kit, and it's one of those dilemmas, do I run up to her only to find it's not, and I realise she's going considerably faster than I ever could unless I break into a run. And now she looks around, and I'm certain now it is her, but my dilemma deepens, I couldn't catch up if I tried now, so do I call out, loudly: Kit! I say! Wait up! It's me! Your four o'clock! And still the gap widens, her long legs effortlessly propelling her away, her ass gently swaying and I realise then that my dilemma is solved, I'll get there happily in my own sweet time, with breath in my lungs and a smile on my dial.

And in the bar we're off to a flying start, we have plenty to talk about, we don't just break the ice; we shatter it into a million pieces, and Kit is so good to talk to and if I liked the vibe I got from the girl on Twitter I'm lovin' the real thing, she's a strong intelligent woman grabbing the world by the scruff of its neck and saying look out here I come, and I'm digging it. She's also very, very, sexy, and it's wonderful to have this meandering and funny conversation with a beautiful switched on woman, and believe me we did some serious meandering, knowing that we're eventually going to be communicating on a very different level.

And then we are. She's either read my mind or perhaps I've talked too much but she knows instinctively how to get my attention and I'm treated to a smorgasbord of loving delights, the great connection we've made in the bar spilling over wonderfully to our room, our bodies embracing, connecting, until we prise ourselves apart to explore, and this meeting that beckoned so beautifully on my calendar reaches its crescendo in a spectacular way, and I fully expected this occasion to be wonderful, but it was way better than that, my afternoon in Kit's company resonates still, many days later.

Es ist eine wunderbare Sache, die wir machen.
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