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Date published: December 30, 2017 at 4:22 pm
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Some people in life exchange their time and money for sex. Others exchange their sex and time for your money. Few create that wonderful experience of "our" sex and time. This is a long review, so if you want the short version: sms Keira now, and don't fuck it up. She's sensational, selective and you'll fall deeply, erotically, and most of all safely in love with her. And isn't that the point?

Once a monk made a request of Joshu. “I have just entered the monastery,” he said. “Please give me instructions, Master.”
Joshu said, “Have you had your breakfast?” “Yes, I have,” replied the monk. “Then,” said Joshu, “wash your bowls.”

I live an enchanted duality, and every now and then I'm able to find myself fully present in the presence of stunning, attractive, open minded, genuine and incredibly sensual individuals who thoughtfully synthesise their own personalities with the relative unknown of mine in order to create something memorable and beautiful. In an impermanent world, where all moments become fractional memories of smell, sight, sound, touch and taste, only a few understand how to create beautiful multi-sensory experiences.

Time with Keira isn't just well spent with great conversation accompanying the frisson from a brut champagne, or "a value for money erotic rendezvous" with a hot mouthed mistress who has all the right curves for you to feel special, nor is it just even the feeling of a restored and confident ego or yang energy, that often comes from a evening, a night, or maybe even a day with a lover who binds you to the tapestry of life and strokes and plucks the weave, so gently and electrically that you feel those vibrations for days, weeks or months afterwards.

No, that's something wonderful about many of the special and thoughtful people I've met in the course of my travels, especially in lucky Melbourne.

No, beyond even the wonderful time was the extreme level of just straight out thoughtful planning and empathy for my needs. What's special about the time I spent with Keira was that she created, managed and participated in an experience, from relatively limited amounts of knowledge, that was sensual, erotic, pleasing, intimate, raunchy, open and all encompassing and left me feeling all of those things I mentioned above. Incredibly elated and in love, feeling thoroughly masculine and erotically powerful, totally replete from pent-up stress and emotional dimorphism, and rushing from head to toe even now a few days later when I think of the time. She was able to discuss and stimulate my mind, my hormones, my less obvious erogenous areas, and my heart. Our paths may never cross again, because of the world, but in a world where you meet so many, you see so few.

If then, you can't tell that I recommend you take an hour of her time, go see her, have a drink at the bar or in your room -- may i recommend the Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque, and don't jump straight to the destination. Instead, just talk and share, let her get to know you, spend some time figuring you out; ask her what she would like, based on what she's figured out, and use that hour to help her build you an experience.

Because one of life's key secrets is to spend your hard earned money on experiences, and not things.

This review is based on spending about 16 hours over a two day period with Keira and some of her friends. She's a great communicator, very clear about her boundaries (which are few, but some of which are surprisingly vanilla), and if I ever come back to within a thousand miles of her, I plan on moving heaven and earth to see her again.
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