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Date published: February 12, 2019 at 8:53 am
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When my wife and I first met Keira we were newbies. Having no idea what to expect from such an encounter we were nervous beyond words. In our final moments before crossing over into that “lifestyle” we sat tensely in a hotel bar reviewing the coded phrases we would use should the situation get uncomfortable and require a hasty exit. Then Keira walked in. At first sight she was every bit the fanciful image of the girl next door. While her photos more than speak for themselves we both agreed that she was even more beautiful in person. Her soft complexion and seductively sexy figure put us as ease nearly as much as her enchanting personality.

Through the course of a couple cocktails and (what was at the time) surprisingly great conversation any nervousness dissolved into pure excitement. And then we all left the bar. To say we had any idea what we were in for that evening is a gross understatement. We had originally booked Keira for just two hours, figuring that anything longer could get uncomfortable with a total stranger. Two hours easily became three, which quickly turned into a whole evening, before any concept of time blissfully melted away into one of the most enjoyable nights of our lives.
Many, many hours after Keira walked into that bar our date came to an end as the morning sun began to shine into our hotel room which was strewn with the debris from a glorious night of divinely debauched pleasure.

Meeting Keira the first time felt like nothing less then the greatest blind date of all time, one so enamoring and enjoyable that it literally took days of blissful reminiscing just for the two of us to reconstruct the entire evening. We simply had to see her again on her next trip to our city. Our subsequent meeting could have been any gathering over dinner of a few friends who haven’t seen each other in a while…with the added benefit of a delightfully naughty ending.

We're on Keira's mailing list for all future visits to our city, and to be honest the next one couldn't come soon enough!
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