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Date published: June 10, 2018 at 5:00 pm
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Perusing this site for a lady to see, I was looking for someone nearer my age. There was something about Katherine’s profile and photos that kept drawing me back. I carefully read all her profile information, escort diary and web site to a gain an insight to what a booking might involve. Intrigued and confident she would be a rare find I sent off a text to make an appointment. Following her instructions, being a gentleman with a respectful and informative approach meant she was comfortable accepting my booking.

Having seen a number of ladies over the years there have been a rare few that when you meet them there is that intangible chemistry, Katherine is definitely in that category. The first meeting with her was beyond my expectations, there is a simmering sensuality about her that excites all your senses. She is an intelligent, attractive, erotic and adventurous woman with a wicked sense of humour that makes her very stimulating company. The intimate side of the encounter is a personal experience between both of you, which will be different for everyone. So I’m not going to elaborate on it, other than to say she is an intuitive and fabulously involved lover. It’s obvious she loves male company and there is no acting or guile with her, only an honest connection that enthrals and captures you.

Reviews are a little subjective because the interaction and personalities involved are widely varied. What I am sure of is that Katherine enjoys finding what stimulates you and that intern excites her. Having seen her fairly regularly, I can tell you that the experience intensifies with each encounter, as you develop a trust and mutual understanding of each other desires.
If you’re reading this and it’s the first time you have contemplated seeing an escort or you are experienced, either way Katherine is someone you won’t regret seeing. Whatever length of time you book with her it will never be enough. I always look forward with eager anticipation to seeing her again, as will you.

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