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Date published: December 2, 2017 at 10:29 am
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As I stood at the door to Josefina's home, my heart raced. I was nervous but excited. The door swung open and there she stood in her heels. Our eyes locked and I couldn't look away. She trapped me. She knew she had me so she smirked and asked me to enter.
As I walked through the door I felt all control leave my body. The only words remaining in my vocabulary were "yes Mistress" and "anything for you Mistress". She demanded that I tell her why it took me so long to finally schedule a session. I didn't know what to say. There is no reason. She pulled me close. Her lips grazing my cheek and each word she said caused pieces of myself to melt away. Before I knew it, I was on my knees at her feet. Her sexy legs dangled in front of my face. I followed the tips of her burgandy toes as they traced patterns in front of my face. She directed me to look only at her feet. I tried so hard to focus. I wanted to be a good slave. But she spread her legs and I couldn't help myself. She knew I wouldn't be able to control my gaze. Let's be real, if Goddess Josefina reveals her pussy to you, what would you do? It's no excuse to disobey her but I'm weak. That's why I'm on the floor. That's why I'm at her feet.
She ordered me to hastily shower and I do so as directed. One must not waste time with Goddess Josefina. As I finished I heard her call me, "hurry up!" How foolish of me to keep her waiting. As I left the bathroom I was met by her stern stare. I felt paralyzed. I studied each feature on her face as I could not move. Those piercing eyes, those plump lips - why did it take me so long to meet her? Then Goddess Josefina led me to her bedroom. She has amazing strides. One perfect foot Infront of the other. How a Goddess should walk. She had a flawless form and it was a pleasure to see her walk. I floated through the door behind her like a balloon. Mistress lay on the bed and placed her legs in front of me. I was ordered to massage her legs. Long strokes. Up her thick and juicy thighs right down to her petite dancers ankles. Once I satisfied her with my massage, she granted me access to her feet - I could finally remove that shoe. I was dreaming of this moment from the second I made my booking. Those tempting toes have been teasing me since I walked through that door. I slid off her heel and began to massage her foot. Slowly. Firmly. Precisely. It was so much fun to follow each arch with the tip of my finger. I slid my finger between each of her toes wishing it was my cock. She read my mind. She began to tease my dick. My Goddess chose not to torture me with pain but by depriving me of pleasure. "How good will it feel to have your big cock inside of me?" She asked. I was throbbing. She was so cruel but I loved it. "Now, show me how you're going to touch yourself to the thought of me tonight." (Is she a psychic?) With her permission I began to pump my dick. I was kneeling in front of her so she had a full view. This is the view she wanted. She loved watching me squirm at her command. I think I pleased her because she granted me 3 seconds to look at her bare pussy but no more. I have been unsuccessfully sneaking peaks all session and she punished me each time she caught me. I was pumping my cock furiously with the help of her high arches. She was edging me closer and closer to the ultimate release. I want to come but not without her permission. At first she said no. I was devestated. I needed it. I continued to pump. Harder. Tighter. Faster. Long, strokes. I can't not come. I need to come. Mistress, please. I begged her with my expression. Thankfully, she showed me mercy. With her perfectly wrinkled soles softly
smothering my face I was order to stroke. To edge closer and closer. Finally she said those words I have been longing to hear. "Come, now."
I came, I saw but she conquered. I concluded with "my cock belongs to you", not like it needed to be said. She knows it. I know it. I'm smitten.
Now I'm lying here. In my own bed and daydreaming about her. Currently counting down the days until my next session. I can guarantee I won't be waiting nearly as long next time...
Thank you Goddess Josefina.
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