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Date published: March 14, 2017 at 7:23 am
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Josefina rocked my world...I have seen many escorts over many years but she is undoubtedly the most amazing woman I've seen. She is a magical mixture of Spanish-American heat, sensual lover and dominating vamp! I initially booked her for two hours but after being greeted with a great smile and those legs in sexy French suspenders and heels (I know my lingerie!!!), not to mention her oral skills and raw sexuality I was captivated and ultimately extended for third hour without even blinking...A sexy tease cum sensual dance turned into Josefina showing off her lingerie with tantalizing flashes of flesh. She moved her body with such eroticism coming back and forth between teasing me and using the room space. She mentioned she was a trained dancer but tonight’s dance wasn’t planned, impromptu just because it felt right. While watching I unzipped and played with my cock which had rapidly become rock hard - not an every day erection either an erection that exposed my full length and girth... Without hesitation and with a ravenous hunger Josefina swallowed my cock whole (without being an egomaniac, this is not an easy feat as I am well endowed, as those of you who are also larger than average will attest many women struggle to deep throat or even give a decent BJ to those of us who are on the larger side. This can be frustrating for the larger male). Let me leave you in no doubt that this was not the case with Josefina who loved deep throating me, and I was able to watch the lump expand her neck as she took my entire cock down her throat time and time again. Then she added a bonus of licking my balls while my shaft was deep down her beautiful big mouth. Although there were some tears streaming and her mascara was messy she was relentless, I blew my first load over her gorgeous breasts as she seductively rubbed my load all over her undulating body to the rhythm of the music. Having moved to the bedroom and being fully naked we talked and had a re-hydrating drink of water. I asked her if she wanted some wine brought over but she politely declined, instead asking for a Curly Wurly chocolate bar (lol) as she loved sucking on them.

Josefina is fascinating to chat with and has broad knowledge and many interests, she is so easy to relate to I felt like I was with someone I'd known forever...the conversation turned to play again and I was rolled on my stomach and all fours, and invited to be introduced to some light BDSM. Josefina’s dominant side is innate in her, she picked up my natural energy as we played, I curiously followed her lead feeling comfortable, safe and relaxed. She is highly skilled and experienced as a Dominatrix....I never knew how erotic this play could be but suffice to say I was extremely pleasantly surprised to find I had a submissive side. After exploring the submissive I switched quite naturally as did Josefina and I rolled her on her back, spread her legs and proceeded to eat the most delectable pussy you could hope for, and she was literally dripping with her sex juices, very much like she had oozed enough to soak her pussy and her inner thighs so that I had to clean her from her knees to her clit (a magic spot at the top of gorgeous lips and inner cunt which is worthy of spending a lot of time French kissing, licking and fingering, she loved her G spot being massaged ;) while I massaged her clit with my lips and tongue.) After this eating out she was absolutely begging me to fuck her "with my massive cock". She can manage a big cock like few I’ve experienced, aroused she takes it all the way, we fucked many times in many positions, she stopped to suck me again and play with my prostate while she blew me until I felt like I was going to piss everywhere, I could no longer take the feeling that I was going to piss my cum so I rolled her on her side, opened her pussy and pounded her deep until I came in massive spurts (an amazing load given I had already cum once and usually don't have anywhere near as much juice the second time as I do the first, if at all. She told me lay back, to relax, to enjoy every lasting second of the pleasure I had just blown. I was thoroughly content then to my surprise she slid the condom off me and gently as can be, slid her mouth back down my shaft and balls. Giving me the most intense post orgasm sensation. We rested as I fed her the chocolate seeing how that magical mouth moves.

She offered me a shower, then jumped in with me. It was a steamy hot shower not because of the water temperature, she couldn’t resist and dropped down to her knees and again sucked me, with water dripping down she removed her smeared eye makeup to continue. I couldn’t believe this experience. Just fucking amazing, and not a hint of clock watching from this lady. Although I have not mentioned all the many things we got up to, I expect I have given you the idea...I enjoyed myself so much that I visited her again a few days later and repeated the performance which was just as good as the first time... I feel very much that we have established a friendship that is genuine and have a great sexual chemistry...this will be a regular liaison that I will value and enjoy to relieve the stresses of the daily grind. Muchas gracias Senorita Josefina you are gorgeous xox
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