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Date published: September 20, 2014 at 1:30 am
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Josefina Cortes-New Kid on the Block
As luck would have it, I was sitting minding my own business in chat recently, when a new WL by the name of Josefina Cortes, just happened to arrive on the scene one evening. Naturally, being the gentleman I am, I jumped into private chat with her, and bid her welcome to PP. We quickly established that she was based in Sydney (yay, me to), and I suggested a catch up sooner than later might be in order. In other words, in liu of any pics or reviews, here was humble old Brok-her, willing to TOFTT (take one for the team), the things I do for my fellow punters!!!
So in a matter of 15 or so minutes, we exchanged information, set a date and time, he he he, and within the hour, I was greeting Josefina in the lobby of my hotel. What a sight as she walked in, attractive, tall, brunette hair cascading onto her shoulders, lovely black slacks, floral top and jacket, and legs that went all the way to her bum before they got cheeky. She greeted me with a light kiss and a hug, but as I looked into her eyes, a piercing brown, I could see lurking in there, a little bit of devilment that hid the promise of a great evening ahead.
The elevator was almost full on the way to the room so no opportunity to improve on the light kiss, but in a matter of moments, we were safely ensconced in our room, which is where Miss Josefina became very cheeky. She took off her jacket, walked right up against me and wrapped her arms around my neck, drawing me close and began kissing me. Softly at first, exploring for my response, then enveloping herself in the moment, as she began to explore the inner reaches of my mouth. And wow, can she kiss. Just the right amount of pressure, just the right amount of tongue exploration, and as far as DFK’ing goes, she has it down pat.
I could feel Little Mate (LM) begin to stir, so called a slight break for some refreshments. I didn’t want to appear as if I had asked her to visit, just for a quickie fuck, lol. A lovely bottle of wine, a cheese platter and some fruit soon had us busy, as we talked about everything and everything getting to know a little about each other. It wasn’t long before Josefina decided we should get a little more personal, so removed her slacks to reveal a lovely pair of red and black panties, covering a magnificent shaped set of hips, a perfect shaped butt, and legs that went on forever, decorated with flesh coloured lace stockings and high heels.
Within moments, her top was removed, revealing a matching red bra, covering what appeared to be a set of hardened nipples straining to escape the bounds of that bra. And of course I obliged immediately which allowed me to firstly gaze, then to admire, and finally to gently caress those wonderful breasts.
Josefina sat on my lap with her back to me, which allowed me to reach in front of her, and begin to gently squeeze her nipples to rock hardness. She moved her head backwards and let out a low soft moan of delight, as I caressed and squeezed her breasts and nipples. By this time Josefina had reached down and had hold of LM through my jeans and was similarly squeezing him to full hardness. Josefina whispered “I so love my nipples and breasts being played with, and to feel your hard cock ready to play, makes my pussy so wet”. And with that she moved her panties aside to allow my fingers to explore her wetness. OMG, she wasn’t just damp, she was really wet as my exploring fingers soon found.
Ok, it was time to get off the lounge and into the bedroom for some serious playtime, and within a matter of minutes, Josefina had made sure that I was shed of all my clothes. As I removed the last of them, my jeans, she took one look at LM and a sexy lustful look crept across her face. I noticed she briefly licked her lips as she gazed at him. “Oh my God I love the look of that cock, I am so going to pleasure you Mr Brok-her, I hope you can take what I have in store for that cock?” I just looked at her in amazement but quickly replied, “but dear lady, I am being summoned somewhere else, can’t you hear the call?” She soon figured out what I meant as I gently lay her on the bed, slowly pulled her legs wide apart, exposing her absolutely gorgeous pussy. What a sight to look at, perfectly shaped lips and clit, an around neat package just glistening as I began giving that wonderful wet pussy the attention it deserved (and wanted by the taste and feel of it). I really do enjoy DATY and let me say, Josefina really appreciates a well-placed and sensitive tongue giving her clit and wet lips the attention they deserve. And be assured, attention is what I bestowed, and the appreciative moans and body movements bore testimony that I was doing it all right. After allowing me to tantalise her to such a fantastic build-up, Josefina decided that she should repay the favour, and rolled me over on my back. She sat between my legs, took LM in her hands, never taking her eyes off his erect hardness. “I’m now going to show you a magic trick Sir, I’ll make your LM disappear”, and with that, she went straight down on him, engulfing him down the back regions of her throat. Hell, this is what BBBJ is really all about, mouth, tongue pressure and ball licking, eye contact and always gently squeezing, being assured of continual hardness, this lady has got it down to a fine art form, she know all the tricks.

Not being content with me playing with her pussy, she moved to cover my mouth with her still very wet pussy and we adopted the 69 position. The more I drove my tongue up inside her pussy, the deeper she engulfed LM, and for a while there, I was beginning to feel as I wouldn’t last the distance, but I somehow managed to count sheep or something, but I held on. Josefina finally extracted herself and lay back on the bed, urging me to kneel over her face and fill her mouth with LM. So I obliged with a little bit of face fucking for a short period, as LM was getting too close to blowing a load everywhere.
“I want you to suck my nipples and breasts hard for me please” she whispered, and as I lay on the bed doing as I was bid, she began to finger her clit vigorously. It didn’t take too long at all, and in a matter of minutes she let me and the two surrounding rooms, know that she had achieved an almighty orgasm that left her body quivering and shaking for minutes. This lady is indeed vocal to say the least, lol. I figured it was about time that I gave this lady what I sensed she wanted from when she first gazed at LM when I got undressed.
So with the appropriate raincoat fitted snugly, Josefina took her favourite (I found this out as the night progressed) position, doggy, on the edge of the bed. As I positioned LM at the entrance of that wonderful wet pussy, I couldn’t help but look at her perfectly shaped hips, so took them in hand and began a long and deep meaningful session of doggy, and let me say, she does love doggy. However, it didn’t end there, and there was a form of missionary, where she could watch LM as he worked his way in and out of her. We tried cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, more doggy and finally in missionary again, I just had to let go, I couldn’t hold on any longer, it had been a long session.
Josefina finally looked at the bedside clock and remarked that we appeared to have lost track of time somewhere along the course of our fun and frivolity, and had to admit that she wasn’t necessarily a clock watcher, but she certainly was a COCK watcher, and she had enjoyed what she watched, lol
We had spoken during the evening about a couple of “couple” fantasies she was harbouring, and I will be doing my best in coming weeks to make sure that those fantasies are fulfilled for her. So to cap this review off, thank you Josefina for taking a gamble on someone you didn’t even knew existed a few hours before, thank you for your time and it was lovely to see you smiling as you drove away in your taxi and into the night.
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