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Date published: November 2, 2014 at 11:46 pm
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A Cougar Double of Delightful Decadence.

As many of you would be aware, I recently first met Josefina Cortes within hours of her having joined PP, and of course Cougar2 and I have explored many boundaries over the last 3 or so years. So when Josefina expressed her desire to engage with another female in a FFM liaison, it was a no brainer that Cougar2 should join us, and so a chain of emails, texts etc. between all 3 of us, and a date and time was set.

Fast forward to the very eventful day, and I checked into the hotel 30 min prior to the ladies scheduled arrival time. I was no sooner in my room, than a text from Josefina announced she was running early and would be arriving within a few minutes. Oh well, no time to shower and change, and as I’m heading to the lift to go and retrieve her from the lobby, another text from Cougar2, and she is also arriving a little early. Wow, this had all the earmarks of a great time ahead, both ladies early and from their respective texts, both horny as hell and eager to get naked and get the show under way.

Cougar2 was last to arrive and as we entered the room Josefina rose and gave Cougar2 a very close long hug and a truly long welcoming kiss. Wow, this was shaping up to be a great few hours. So with champagne poured and me seated in between the two lovelies on the lounge, we chatted a bit of small talk in the usual “getting to know you” routine. And that didn’t take a lot of time, as I was bade to go and shower, which I duly did in double quick time. When I returned to the lounge room, I again positioned myself between these two, and it wasn’t long before the ladies had wandering hands under my bathrobe. Then it was Cougar2’s turn to shower. Whilst she was doing this, Josefina swung her legs across my lap, opened her legs and revealed a lovely pair of panties with that horny pussy hidden beneath. “Look how wet my panties are, I so want to get naked and play with her, I’m so fucking horny for a female to eat my pussy” she said. She took hold of my hand and rubbed it across her pussy and let me assure you, they weren’t just damp, and they were extremely wet. I could only imagine the wetness and could hardly contain myself from going down on her right then.

At that time Cougar2 returned to the room clad in nothing but a bath towel. She came and straddled my lap facing me, her towel being discarded in the process. I heard Josefina gasp at the sight of Cougar2’s engorged hard nipples, and as I fondled and squeezed her breasts, Josefina looked at me and whispered hoarsely “you take one and I’ll take the other”. And with that, suddenly Cougar2 had two hungry mouths sucking and licking each nipple. The moans emanating from her as we both worked our hands across her nakedness, and continued sucking those hard erect nipples was nothing short or pure sexuality at its very best.

It wasn’t long before Cougar2 reached down, determined that LM “Little Mate” was “ready” for some action, and proceeded to remove my jeans, kneel between my legs, and take him fully in her mouth, sucking, licking and stroking him all at once. I watched as Josefina rose from the lounge, discarded her dress to reveal a beautiful body, breasts straining in her bra, her panties wet in the crutch, and then she joined Cougar2 in administering lavish attention on LM. To just sit back and close my eyes as I could feel one mouth engulfing LM and the other one licking and sucking my balls was pure heaven. I opened my eyes, as suddenly both mouths disappeared from LM, and they were kissing each other, deep, hard, tongues buried in each other, and LM only bare inches from their faces.

They kissed for some time, and Cougar2 broke for a few seconds and said “God Brok-her, but she’s got a gooooood mouth”, and as I watched I could see each of them exploring their respective bodies, and I assure you, the air conditioning had nothing to do with the temperature rising in the room. I knew we had to get to more comfortable surroundings and suggested we should all retire to the bedroom for some more fun and frivolity. Cougar2 giggled, and they both agreed, but Cougar2 wanted to prove she was still able to swallow LM to his hilt, and so began another onslaught of intense deep throating, before she wiped tears from her eyes and turned the task over to Josefina to continue. So another 10 minutes of LM receiving fantastic head before I had to call a halt or blow a load early.

Onto the bed, with me in the middle, and Josefina reminding me of what a fantastic kisser she is, DFK’ing at its very best, mouth hungry, tongue deep and probing, and stirring LM hard again, as Cougar2 once again demonstrated her mind blowing oral skills. Then I felt it was Josefina’s turn for some crucial attention, and as she lay on her stomach, Cougar2 began kissing and licking her whole body from head to toe. If I didn’t know better I would have sworn that they were lesbian lovers, such was their intense devotion to pleasuring each other. This was a truly MFF double of the very best kind. Cougar2 removed Josefina’s panties, rolled her over and knelt between her spread legs. She gazed at that wet pussy momentarily, before she descended head first into oblivion of pussy adoration. She looked up at me and smiled, “omg, that is one of the loveliest and most wet pussies I have ever encountered, I want to feast on that until there is no more wetness left, it is so soft, just like velvet”. I felt Josefina shudder as Cougar2 began doing exactly that.

By the look on Josefina’s face, best described as pure lust, and the moans coming from her, Cougar2 had really hit the honey pot, with Josefina straining her pussy against her mouth and holding her head hard up against her crutch... I sensed that as horny as Josefina was, she wasn’t going to let Cougar2 get her over the line so early. A quick swap of positions, and a second worshipping of pussy was under way, with Josefina opening her mouth wide and covering all of Cougar2’s pussy. And out came those wonderful female oral skills, with Josefina working overtime and with such intensity on Cougar2, I was beginning to think I wouldn’t get invited into the fun anymore, lol. Josefina began using her fingers and tongue on Cougar2, I was sucking on her nipples and lavishing DFK’s on her at the same time, and within a short period, Cougar2’s hips were straining hard against Josefina’s face and orgasm number one erupted from Cougar2.

Her face was flushed with the sensuality of what had transpired, and she pulled Josefina up from between her legs, and began kissing her and licking all the pussy juice from her face till there was nothing left to clean. “My God Josefina, you are insatiable, I so love the way we clean each other” Cougar2 said. We all lay together for a few minutes, allowing Cougar2 to “come down” from her high, until Josefina turned, lay on her back, opened her lags wide and asked me ever so sweetly, “Brok-her, how would you like to lick all of those juices running out of my pussy and down between my butt cheeks, and naturally I want you to tongue fuck my pussy at the same time”

Such a silly question, 2 seconds and I was on my way, but so lost in what I was doing with Josefina, I failed to see Cougar2 put her strap-on on and before I knew it, she had gently entered me from behind. Fuck but what an experience, Cougar2 fucking me from behind and practising her trombone skills on LM, me working feverishly with my mouth, and by now, fingers, in bringing (or trying hard to) Josefina to her first orgasm. She was playing hard to get today, so another tactic was devised after a while anyway. Hard work but worth it in the end, as Cougar2 and I lay on either side of Josefina’s outstretched legs and began sucking on Josefina’s hard erect nipples as she began to finger and play with her own clit.
“Keep sucking, omg, keep sucking, a little more , I’m going to cum, omg”, and she did, long and hard, the vocals leaving no doubt in anyone’s mind for two rooms around, that she just did. She quivered as I quickly slipped my fingers deep inside her wetness and proceeded to let Cougar2 suck them clean of Josefina’s juices. My goodness she was wet after that orgasm, really wet, but she was still horny and wanted someone to fuck her hard and long.
But before she did, she had other things in mind to play at, and soon I found myself on my back, Josefina straddled over my face, her wet pussy descending onto my mouth, and Cougar2 practising her deep throat skills on LM and my balls getting a good workout at the same time. Now I’m not about to admit defeat ever, because Brok-her is, after all Brok-her, and hasn’t been broken to date anyway. But fuck with those two working overtime to pleasure themselves using my body, I came damn close to losing it, but knew I had to hang on,,..I did..just..

So here we are, halfway through a two hour booking, and you can see what has transpired to date, and I trust my descriptive efforts have painted a “so far” picture? Good, so if that is the case let me briefly describe the rest of the booking.

She fucked her, and then she fucked her, and I fucked her and her, and generally speaking there was more loud moans of fulfilment as orgasms were reached all around, sheets got soaked from pussy juice, LM got very satisfied. Generally speaking, I’d suggest you use your imagination, as we all got to fuck each other in heaps of positions, obviously Doggie is everyone’s favourite, so much fun.

Al in all, it was a fantastic couple of hours, with two very horny and extremely sexy MILF ladies, comfortable in their own skin, and very comfortable with each other. I do know one thing for sure, if you book either lady and request a double, rest assured you will get the other of these two. Individually they are both great, but together they are dynamite, and a new lady emerges when they get naked together. Very hot, very intense, very sexy and very good for any red blooded male game enough to take them on...

Thank you Josefina, thank you Cougar2, you almost broke Brok-her…just need to try harder next time, lol
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