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Date published: December 10, 2017 at 8:56 pm
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Very recently I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting with the absolutely beautiful miss Jessie for 48 hours, I was very nervous as I had never had a meeting of this length with any other person before and no words can describe how much fun I had!
We started of with a massage, to help make us feel comfortable and then we went and had some lunch!
The real fun began very soon after with a few hours of karaoke, it was such a great experience for it was something that I had never done before!
Miss Jessie gives me the confidence to leave my comfort zone and try new and exciting things and karaoke is something I would never have done before, thank you for this!
After we finished our singing session it was time to go and have a coffee and relax for a little while, miss Jessie has a great sense of humour and is so intelligent!
We had the pleasure of miss Alice Grey joining us for 2 hours and I very much want to say thank you for sharing an amazing evening with us!
The following morning we enjoyed a coffee, got ready and went and watched a movie, Saw 8, a great movie that we enjoyed, after the movie we went and had something to drink and then we just relaxed and talked!
I would just like to say the biggest thank you to the absolutely wonderfully awesome miss Jessie for allowing me to share 48 hours with you, I had the most remarkably amazing time with you!
We will have to do another 48 hours again next year, thank you very much miss Jessie, you are the kindest person!
Thank you for always allowing me to meet with you!
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