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Date published: April 15, 2021 at 9:55 pm
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Let me introduce Ms. Jessica Stone. The whole package.

As it was my first time booking services, I was excited and downright terrified. The booking was made easy, even for a first-timer. This fear faded away quickly while arranging the booking with Jess who made the process unbelievably easy, guiding me through every step of the process with care.

I was left with excitement and anticipation as our day approached. I had elected to meet Jess for a drink before going back to my hotel, When I walked up to the bar and first saw her, I was speechless. The photos Jess has on SB are amazing, but they hide one of her greatest assets, her face. Jess has an Angelic face that hides a devilishly talented tongue.

We spent some time together in the bar before retiring to our room. Our conversation flowed easily as I thoroughly enjoyed playing with the control to her, we vibe toy.

As to what happened in the room when we did retire, I will say, I booked a 2-hour Session with Jess and was incredibly lucky that she had some time afterward as the time flew by and 2 hours was not nearly enough. After the 4 hours we spent together I was left relaxed, already missing her, and contemplating our next visit with a smile on my face.

To sum up, if you are after a physical connection, Jessica with her perfect body has you covered.
If you are looking for an intellectually stimulating experience Jess provides that.
If you are looking for an emotional connection, Jessica with her kind nature does it naturally.

Or for that matter, if you were looking for all three like I was, there is no need to look any further.

Like I said, Ms. Jessica Stone. The whole package.
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