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Date published: March 15, 2019 at 10:30 am
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Genuinely the most AMAZING experience I have ever had. Jesinta met me for an outcall at my AirBNB in Bondi - get this - while some friends I'd had over who'd overstayed their welcome were being shooed out the door. INSANELY professional, Jessie immediately knew what to do and played the role of an "old friend" perfectly - astonishingly discrete.
The only danger with Jesinta is that a couple of hours will not be enough because I was completely mesmerised and we went for hours, and hours, and hours. I'd booked her for the night and another girl for a couple of hours and Jesinta was a perfect director - positioning the younger girl for me, mothering her a little bit and then finally encouraging me to come in the other girl's mouth while she ordered me to make eye contact with her. She made me me feel so comfortable, the sex was INCREDIBLE, and she genuinely made me laugh in a way that is -very- rare for girls to do. Dirty, nasty sex, and then ice cream, champagne and literally crying with laughter. I definitely got my money's worth and have been coming back for more because I'm addicted. What can I say - the girl's pretty much the -perfect- escort.
I've had sex with a lot of escorts but Jesinta is the first one where I've become a regular - because I know I'm always going to have a great time with someone who is consummately professional, respects the boundaries of the job but also genuinely gives you the REAL girlfriend experience - and almost like a great doctor or psychiatriast, if she chooses to let you become a regular, you know you're in safe hands because she's a genuinely caring, fun, discrete and respectful person.
What does she really look like? Her face is - REALLY - beautiful. Do not expect a prawn, and her body is extremely athletic. At first I was a little on the fence about her tits because I am a filthy perv who likes them nice and big and porny but once they were exposed I was extremely happy. They're a very nice, petite size but with absolutely perfect symmetry. She's got a nice little waist and a thick ass - really, really good proportions.
What would I recommend? Definitely fuck her from behind - but treat it with respect, her butt is a work of art and while anal has been off-limits to me so far, watching her asshole is a truly mesmerising experience. Take your time and admire it.
Get her to show off to show - I found out early on that she is extremely flexible so make sure you spread those legs out into the splits when you fuck her missionary cause her pussy lets you in real deep.
Definitely let her be in charge when it comes to blowing you but once you're comfortable definitely ask her if you can get a little rough - she is an AMAZING face fuck, although in my case she can't take me too deep, but that definitely doesn't matter.
She definitely has her boundaries and she will let you know firmly once you've crossed a line but if you're lucky enough that she's feeling submissive definitely see how far you can go with her - but again, as I've found with all escorts, respect is key. If someone's letting you dominate them you have to be responsible and constantly check that you're not crossing any lines and that they're okay. Sometimes girls can forget their own safety and it's your responsibility as a man not to take advantage of that or push it too far. Be cool, bro.
Always make sure you eat her cunt. It's pretty, it's delicious and it's a work of art. I like to fuck it hard and then eat it for dessert just before I come on her chest.
10/10 - A+++, Five Michelin Stars.
The best escort in Sydney.
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