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Date published: November 14, 2018 at 8:53 pm
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From the moment you say goodbye to beautiful Jenny, you realise you never want to leave, already awaiting anticipation to return for even more

The moment she answers the door, soon to find that her photos don't do her justice, you will soon be drawn to her sexy accent, her alluring smile - and my word, what a body to die for! Once I put my arms around her to receive her sensual kiss, I never wanted to take my hands off her not to mention that spectacular asset which she knows how to utilise so well.

Upon my arrival, I asked her to accompany me into the shower and while impressed with the rigidity of my erection, she just got me more aroused with the way she would begin to tease, by sliding her perfect posterior against my excited little fella down below. She told me I was naughty, so I returned the favour spanking each buttock with every firm application of my hand and she wanted more, and more, smacking her beautiful butt ever harder.

As she was leading me into the bedroom, right away like an animal, I just wanted to bury my face in her rear end - and I never wanted to leave but I couldn't exactly stay there forever, so I allowed for her the opportunity to have her way with me. And while she was still marvelling over my erection, she was shortly looking forward to me entering her following her fabulous skills in oral performance. And what a view I would receive too as she was riding me in the reverse cowgirl position, which was sensational! Soon afterwards I entered her in a doggy position where I would ultimately relieve myself in due course.

Jenny is also a wonderful conversationalist, so well spoken and how soon you will lose yourself with her seductive accent. And then, when it came time to say goodnight, again I had to wrap my arms around her one last time because she was so captivating just having her in your arms. So good that you wished you could never let go! The kisses again, were sensual and there were certainly many throughout our time together. Jenny sure knows how to satisfy a man and I do look forward to seeing her again, and again, and again.

Oh, the details I write in this review is making me little fella excited. The profound effect this beautiful lady has brought on me has inspired me to want to book an overnighter when that opportunity presents itself - and she will also need to come to visit Perth sometime in the foreseeable future too. However, visiting Sydney has become more worthwhile, knowing that Jenny Lopes is in town. Be seeing you again soon, my darling...
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