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Date published: June 2, 2018 at 5:19 pm
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Had a wonderful night with this gorgeous woman, she's as smart as she is beautiful and when we met we had wonderful and in depth conversations about a wide variety of topics. She is a wonderful companion to talk to and is equal parts smart and witty, she makes you laugh and she makes you think and above all you feel appreciated in her presence. And of course she's not just a smart and funny and caring companion, she's also a world class partner. Vocal and communicative, wild and energetic and full of mad passion Jasmine is easily a lovemaking partner who gives her all and of whom you feel eager to pleasure as well.

Being equal parts elegant beauty, intelligent conversationalist, down to Earth and funny companion and passionate and wild lover I cannot recommend the experience of Jasmine Barnes more highly enough. She is a treasure and I'm grateful I got to experience her and eagerly look forward for my chance to do so again.
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