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Date published: March 22, 2019 at 12:23 pm
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Yeah Boi!! Sometimes in life you just have to go for the real thing.

After spending many weeks and ongoing months being aroused by Ms Parsons on social media and the adverts pictures. It was time to "give back" to her so I "pulled the trigger" and said "screw it, just do it!" So when I found out she was in my sleepy town of Perth, I figure it time to experience "the fantasy".

`Whoa!! what an unforgettable experience it was, certainly beats a boring Thursday night at home alone! So happy I sent that all important first text, which she graciously reply promptly.

All those pictures don't do her justice, the life size 3D version is so much more bootylicious than a computer screen!

There is something to be said about having a ri-dick-ulously sexy, young, petite, blonde babe in your bed and getting to "home base" with her.

As always folks make yourself presentable like if you're going on a hot date and have the old homestead/ bedroom ship-shaped that way your get more mileage.

Being a gentleman, I won't go into the details of our shenanigans in between the sheets, but it wasn't long after opening the door "downstairs" went "wha-ching, ding ding ding!"
I will let in on that with the evening over, I manage to stock up of plenty of mental "jerk before work" material tonight and the chemistry between us would have made "Mendeleev" proud. Throw in plenty of friendly banter to-boot and this gal is a-lot of fun "on and off the court".

I will sleep well tonight, then plan to make my next dream a reality which is experience her in her home turf in Melbourne. She definitely a gal worth making the extra effort for with cheap flights across the country and a woman like Ivy I can see why Australia is still called "the Lucky Country" cos I definitely got "lucky" tonight!

You have earned my utmost gratitude Ms Ivy, enjoy the rest of your stay in Perth and I looking forward seeing/party with you in Melbourne! xxx
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