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Date published: November 30, 2017 at 7:53 pm
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The treasure that is Honey.

It had been ages since I last saw you Honey, I’m not sure you realised, but gosh I was nervous, I really was. I didn’t need to be though, Honey you are so delightful, so easy to be around, it’s just amazing being in your company, sharing laughs and engaging in great conversations. We slotted straight back into where we left off ages ago, things are so comfortable between us. I once called you a treasure, it still applies, and you are an absolute treasure Honey, so amazing, so wonderful, and so incredible.

I’ve decided to compile a list, this is by no mean an exhaustive list, but it gives you an indication of my feelings (thoughts) about you Honey.
· Your smile is so welcoming, radiating warmth and affection
· You have a stunning personality, so engaging, vibrant and cheerful.
· Your kiss is so passionate, your lips are so soft and plush
· Your skin is smooth and silky, like a fine silk fabric, handle with care.
· Your aroma is intoxicating, it’s a drug that causes me to lose control
· Your booty, OMG your booty, so nice, so nice, you can say it twice
· Your body, so strong, so sculptured, a perfect blend of strength and femininity
· Wow you can dance, you can move and shake that booty to your own beat
· Wow you can sing
· You are an absolute treasure Honey, so amazing, so wonderful, and so incredible.

For others out there reading this, I encourage you to “Indulge” in the treasure that is Honey, experience for yourself feelings about Honey, you will not regret a moment, in fact you will end up “indulging” again and again and again in the treasure that is Honey.

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