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Date published: October 30, 2017 at 10:48 am
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I have known Honey thru another web site and social media for about 5 years it is only this year that we have met in person. 4 times in 6 months we have gotten together and two of those was spent outside the bedroom and it is these two occasions I wish too tell you about. Honey and I both have a passion for training so it was only natural that we both came up with idea of having a training session together next time Honey came too Sydney a date confirmed and a gym picked all that was left was the waiting. The big day arrived, we met outside Honey's hotel and walked too the gym. On the walk too the gym we got talking about German volume training ( 10 reps x 10 sets) Honey looked at me with huge smile and said I wanna try it with legs. After a quick warm up we started with squats I must say Honey has perfect form when squats and she is not afraid too go heavy. Around set 7 of squats Honey need a spot so I grabbed her around the waist while Honey pushed her magnificent arse into my crouch needles too say all my consternation went out the window she pushed 80kg for 10 reps but I lost count I had other things on my mind. We spent about 2 hours training, I have trained with some of the top bodybuilders but I can honestly say Honey beats them all hands down.
Our next outing was for Honey's birthday and I must say it's a experience that both of us will never forget the Sydney harbour bridge climb. I met Honey in a cafe next too her Hotel we sat down for a little while and chatted about what's been going in our lives and the day ahead. With the way Sydney CBD traffic is at the moment due too light rail construction we decided to walk up too central station and catch a train too Circular Quay Station and walk up too Cumberland st where bridge climb starts. Just a little side note I must comment on what Honey was wearing,Honey was looking hot in her active wear tight gym shorts and singlet I caught quite a few guys having a little look as we walked past hand in hand I couldn't help but smile. As we were waiting for our climb to start we took a couple of selfies and realised that we were wearing the same style of shoes lol. After all pre climb stuff eg filling out forms, breath test and putting on all the gear for climb our adventure started. It was a beautiful clear day and it wasn't too hot. You could tell that Honey was genuinely enjoying herself asking questions and telling stories about her days spent on the harbour when she was a child. The climb went so fast the guide took a couple nice photos of Honey and I which I will treasure til my dying day. With the climb finished it was time too Honey back we went back the way we came I really didn't want the day too end or say goodbye too her. I really do love spending time with Honey she is very genuine,smart, funny and a very caring human being.
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Chris aka Hewhocannotbenamed
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