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Date published: September 30, 2014 at 2:23 am
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One for The Girls, it's a long one but it's worth it!!!

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies - this is for the cultured, open minded Ladies of our society who have a male partner and wish to truly explore and experience a 'wow threesome' with a 'wow' young Lady and that lady would be 'none other' than - 'Our Honey Adams'.

Mind you, I can 'only' speak from 'my' perspective - I'm a long time, happily married woman (happy in 'all' aspects of the word - my husband is wonderful, I love him and he loves me) Anyway, back to me! I never delved into/explored my 'other' sexual side which involved 'women'. As time was passing I thought 'I'd better get cracking and propose this 'idea' of mine to my hubby and get things moving 'now' whilst I'm still trim enough to have some great 'visual' memories of 'myself' as well as have great physical and mentally/emotionally satisfying memories too!'

Those memories of hot, exciting, luscious, wet, slippery 'sex' (or 'love making' - whatever it is one is feeling at the time), those feelings are the best - they linger...

Mind you, Honey was so open and welcoming that we could tell from the offset that appearances and age didn't factor into her mind set as she's all about - openness, acceptance, sensuality and satisfying your desires, whatever they may be, to perfection - with polite consultation, agreement and understanding of course - she's not an 'anything goes girl' - clear communication is always necessary for the best mutually satisfying results.

I reckon 90% of men are easy to please... Well, we women 'generally' tend to need that 'little bit more' on a 'mindful level' and Honey delivers it - willingly, unashamedly and above all 'naturally'. She is 'The Bomb'. I believe she's capable of captivating any female. If you allow her to envelope you, she will relax you, open you and satisfy you fully, deeply and beautifully - OR - hornily, hotly, smack-on-the-bottomly - whatever floats your boat - it's there - she's got it and she delivers it.

We've tried the rest and now we've 'found' THE BEST. I say 'found' because she's not to be 'tried', she's to be 'experienced' - time and again; so now that we've 'found' her - she's the one and only on our list. 'Lucky Number 8'; we met with seven different Ladies prior to her, 'altogether' a case of trial and error but by no means were we displeased with each other Lady individually and completely, there were many positives but for 'me' there were too many no-no's - just saying, Honey 'had it ALL rolled into one package - for both of us' - nothing lacking.

Honey is physically perfect, enough said, you can see her photos on her website and that's exactly what you'll get - she's your cake and you can eat it/her too! Done, however, when it comes to her friendly personality, her pleasant and clever whit, her charm, her manners and her spunk and smarts - then she's the cream and the cherry on top as well! So eat, lick and pop away!

Ladies, she not only 'ticks' all the boxes: she brings them to orgasm (2 mind blowing hits were proof for me and I'm 'very' particular - but she put me at ease).

You will not just 'enjoy' Honey Adams - you will 'love the experience' that is - Honey Adams.

With warmest and wettest regards from Sasha & Boris.

PS - WARNING - Ladies and gentlemen, take heed, our Honey is a taste you will ALL be wanting more of - again and again, sooner rather than later - over and over... Cheers! Here's to 'Living the Dream' Girls - when fantasy becomes reality :)
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