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Date published: September 4, 2017 at 7:01 pm
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Why Honey............I asked my husband to give me the names of three girls who he would like us to share an encounter with. The idea was that I would pick one from list & he wouldn't know who I had picked until the day. Honey's name was on the top of his list. Me, being a woman in her early 50's & having battled body insecurities all my life I was a little reluctant at first to grant hubby's wish. After a few days of taking the time to read Honey's web site & blogs I felt a little more at ease & plucked the courage to make contact. We arranged a booking for three hours of playtime. When the day arrived to meet Honey all my nerves went out the door. She greeted me like we were dear friends. She was loving, warm & authentic. You could just tell right away there was nothing fake about this goddess. All three of us chattered over a few drinks at the bar. She ensured that hubby got just as much of her attention as myself. After a while Honey invited us back to her room. There was no awkwardness, no let's go time is a ticking.........she softly & gently eased us both into the start of our playtime, everything just seemed to flow so naturally.
Honey is a radiant beauty inside & out. She has a beautiful smile & exudes sophistication. Her body is womanly, soft & sensuous. She is gentle & loving but when that flame within her gets ignited she can be fast,hot, sexy, unrestrained & passionate.
You find yourself being swept up in her desire to devour every inch of you & you responding with the same amount of zealous. During our encounter Honey ensured that we were both comfortable & at ease. Like I said before it just flowed so naturally, it felt so natural.....it just worked!!!
The short time we spent with Honey we somehow come away feeling like we have known her for ages. She gives you her all - heart & body. Honey is a beautiful person, someone you are so going to love spending time with. She is irresistible. Once you have spent time Honey, you are so going to want more. Needless to say hubby was one very happy man - Good choice hubby!! Honey we cannot thank you enough. We enjoyed our time with you immensely.
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