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Date published: December 4, 2014 at 6:02 pm
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I flew down to Melbourne on the weekend to see the beautiful Honey Adams.(every time seems to get better) This night had been in the planning for a little while, but had to be postponed for about month, a little later than we had both expected.

Arrived on the Friday evening and had a very relaxing night, as I knew the next day was going to be so busy organising everything.
Honey and I have birthday's in the same month, 2 days apart in fact, I wanted to spoil her rotten.

Apart from some gifts, I'd also planned a 3 course meal . I was up early on Saturday morning to write my shopping list to ensure I had everything covered. Left the apt and two trams later, I arrived at the QV markets. People everywhere omg, fight my way through the crowds, from shop to shop and now have almost everything. Time for a coffee break :), up again and off for a quick pit-stop at the supermarket for a couple of condiments and the bottle shop for the champagne - finally done, phew!!. With about 8 shopping bags, I finally make my way back to my apartment around 3pm.

Honey was arriving at 7pm and I needed a little afternoon rest, too wound up and too much to do, I got stuck into all my food prep, finished surprisingly quicker than expected, which allowed me to relax with a quick cup of tea.

Ok, one hour till Honey, arrives, and thankfully ahead of schedule - oysters/king prawns plated for entrée, salad done, snapper for main marinated and in foil (ready for cooking), mixed berry dessert, plated and all in the fridge.

Now time for a shower and get myself ready!!. So happy everything going to clockwork, time to put vegies for baking in the oven, followed by the fish, 5 minutes before our date is to start. Lastly, set the dinner table.

Text msg arrives, Honey is running late, I am surprisingly calm and unfazed with all the cooking going on, this doesn't seem bother me, (worth waiting) !!. 7:15pm Honey has arrived and as composed as I can be, I hurry down the lift to collect her and she is looking as desirable as ever. Honey was dressed in a black lingerie top and a lovely aqua coloured skirt. A lingering kiss and we make our way up to my apartment.

With champagne poured, I gave Honey some yellow roses (meaning friendship and joy) which made for a perfect start to the night.(she loved them:)). Honey is such a sweetie, she also had a gift for me!! homemade healthy brownie cake (such a nice thought) which I really appreciated. xx. We sat down and chatted, drank champagne, ate our entrée and main meals in quick succession.

We then both needed a break from the food, and this is where the night really unfolded.

Honey got a chair and had me sit down near the large sliding window, overlooking the mariner and restaurants in the foreground, where she proceeded to give me a very, I mean very, sexy lap dance, slowly removing every item of my clothing, in between rubbing herself against my very hard cock. The sight of Honey sliding my belt between her pussy and ass , slapping herself on that bootie of hers, dressed in just a black bra, was a real turn on.

Now there were clothes scattered everywhere, as we made our way over to the lounge.

With Honey lying on top , I removed her bra whilst she was passionately kissing me and before long she kissed her way down my body until she arrived at my cock, to give me a sensational BBBJ (deep throat skills are beyond belief!!)which was really making me feel extremely horny.

I moved on top of Honey for some DFK moving slowly down her body, nibbling at her nipples on my way for some DATY, which resulted in Honey squirming and orgasming with pleasure. She then sucked on my cock taking me to the brink before placing a condom on me for some intense fucking in a few positions before I threw the condom away to face fuck Honey, sliding my cock in between those DD's and into her mouth. Honey then had me lie on the lounge where she sucked my cock for all it was worth until I exploded my orgasm deep into her throat , where she took every last drop.

Honey walked over to the window and got a wave from the diners at a restaurant across from the apartment, hehe so funny, don't think they saw the fucking but they may have seen the lap dance, made someone's night, besides mine :))))

I told Honey that I would now like to give her, her main present, slowly unwrapping this dress she was delighted and you could see that she was very excited!! It fitted her perfectly and she looked a delight, OMG stunning!!

The thing with Honey is, you could give her a $5 present and you would get the same appreciation from her, such a darling xx!!

Honey went and changed into some light pink lingerie and we then sat at the table and ate our mixed berry dessert , sipping champagne in between.

With all the food consumed, it was time to head into the bedroom for more foreplay (lots of great DFK and DATY bringing Honey to another orgasm, yum) and great sex in many positions, before finally fucking Honey in the doggy position to an exploding orgasm. We lay on the bed chatting and then she gave me a nice relaxing massage after which I returned the favour, and gave her one too.

We drank some water to rehydrate. Then with Honey lying next to me, she started playing with my cock bringing it to full attention. A bit of dirty talk began and Honey said to me that she wanted my last load of cum down her throat. She gave me an amazing BBBJ, sucking and licking it until I came, with Honey swallowing what cum I had left.
We both hopped in the shower together and soaped each other over, dried off and went in search of our clothing. I walked Honey downstairs and she dissapeared off into the night.

Honey, what a PERFECT night, so glad that I will be seeing you in a couple of weeks for a sexy double, to be continued........................................ Jove xox
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