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Date published: September 14, 2016 at 9:10 pm
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I have visited Honey three times now, this time for a two hour interlude. The beautiful and delightful. The vivacious, energetic and charismatic. Her texts have portrayed anticipation … she knows how to begin preparing me for our time together.

Admittedly on the first encounter I was nervous; her profile pictures portray a sultry femme fatale, an imposing Persian Goddess, but today I am eager, looking forward to our time together.

Yet I am tired. A five am start to complete work that had to be done. On top of a week of twelve hour demanding days. A drive that takes more than two hours. Lots of other little things that just have to be done before I can leave. A tight schedule. Canberra is busy, parking difficult. Late.

But the welcome, the embrace, the enthusiasm, the energy flows from Honey as she restores and revives me….I recoupe. Immediately I am at ease, comfortable in her presence, and her charm, and then it begins, as she hikes her dress, straddles my lap and begins with that kiss.

That kiss that communicates that she is here for me. The kiss that is soft, fluid, and endless. It reassures, invites and stirs, my hands gently caressing, enfolding and embracing. This lady fogs my glasses. Literally. This is the ultimate girl friend experience, with the kiss as the centrepiece of foreplay. And with that excitement I have to pee. But it is difficult to leave the room, let alone stand, for that kiss persists, she is clinging to me, drawing me into her world of Honey. When I eventually make it to the toilet, difficulties are presented. How on earth am I to take aim, even point at the toilet bowl in the state I am in?

Honey offers a variety of services, but I have not progressed beyond those offered in the GFE package. A bbbj that like her kiss, is wet, fluid, warmer and just as endless. Then she is grinding herself on me, exacting her pleasure, and our bodies begin to sheen with sweat. Her face is close to mine, hair draped around me, and an intimacy envelops as we progress toward the crescendo of our orgasms. Still within that intimacy aftercare follows, with strokes, caresses, massage, chat.

Time given to foreplay, finding ourselves with each other, connecting, has reaped its reward, yet still there is time for a repeat, not as intense as the first, still intimate, not mechanical, but we are spent, it is enjoyable but anticlimactic.

Within our chat Honey has mentioned, in acknowledging my tiredness, that she is tired as well, toward the end of her tour. But I would not have known, or detected it, for she is unflagging in devotion to my pleasure.

On the drive back, I find that I am satisfied beyond words. Near the end of the ski season, the traffic is slight, heading back to my wilderness, my mountains. Prompted by the jeep ad, on top of a peak I’m going to yell ‘I spent an afternoon with Honey Adams’. I would not be surprised if a litany of voices echoes back ‘You lucky bugger!’

Thank you Honey, you are simply gorgeous!
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