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Date published: June 6, 2016 at 4:09 pm
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So I finally plucked up the courage to ask Honey for a threesome with another escort I know, the lovely Amelia Sweet.
As this was going to be my first, I thought I may as well treat myself to the crème de la crème!!! For those of you who know these 2 ladies, it just doesn't get better than this right? Honey accepted the invitation with her usual mixture of grace, class and a little hint of that wild, sexy minx I have grown to love..... This was going to be very special, I could feel it already.
A quick check of the diaries, the stars aligned and we were all set. Now how on earth am I going to pass the time until this happens!!! Counting the days......
I honestly don't think I could have ever managed to book this day if I wasn't so at ease with Honey. She makes me feel so comfortable in my own skin, and makes me a better man. So lucky to have met this young lady, have to keep pinching myself when I am with her in case it's all a dream!!
So on to the big day. I picked Honey up for lunch as we have many times, but there was a little more anticipation this time if that is possible! Honey breezed around the corner - a vision of smouldering sexuality, shouted my name as only she can, and embraced me as warmly and affectionately as always. I just love that first kiss every time we meet. Truly exquisite.
Lunch came and went so quickly, and I was surprisingly at ease (thought I would have been a nervous wreck by now!). As usual Honey's company was so natural and effortless that it was impossible to feel anything other than spine-tingling excitement. So off we went to meet Amelia.
Honey and Amelia had never met, and I could see a few sparks fly as they were introduced. This was getting hotter by the minute. Before long Honey and Amelia were naked, kissing, breasts rubbing together, pleasuring each other. Oh my God this was insane! If Heaven really exists I bet it looks like this!
The view from the ringside seat was so amazing I almost forgot to join in haha! What followed was 2 hours of immense pleasure, so many highlights that I don't know where to start. I don't feel the need for gory details in these reviews, and these 2 ladies are so classy and amazing that it would detract from the experience if I did so. The only thing I will say is that feeling one lady climax while another devours you to the point of no return is a feeling I will never forget, and one that every man needs to experience at least once in his life. Thank you ladies.
Honey we have shared so many great times, and this was no exception. We never know what the future holds, but I hope and pray that you are part of mine for a long time.
Until the next adventure Honey......
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