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Date published: November 30, 2015 at 3:38 pm
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Indulgence - the treasure that is Honey.

It is a privilege to meet and to get to know Honey. She is a delightful, wonderful, amazing, beautiful lady / person, there are just so many adjectives you could use to describe a treasure like Honey, but none alone do her justice. When you meet her, please allow yourself time to get to know her, engage in conversation, talk and listen to her, there are so many interesting things you can talk about and learn. Honey is so interesting and intelligent.

How is it fair, that such an interesting treasure like Honey, is also drop dead gorgeous, just stunning. Her photos and pics are amazing, but Honey is even more amazing in person, she is simply stunningly beautiful. If that isn't unfair enough, she also has a killer body, abs to simply die for. Typical though, she still finds flaws in her amazing body. I guess this is why she continues to go to the gym and push herself harder. In my eyes though, Honey is pretty perfect.

I allowed myself the time to get to know Honey and we really connected. I swear this connection is directly correlated with chemistry in the bedroom. When we moved into the bedroom, we were extremely comfortable, we just had so much chemistry. Our time together in the bedroom though is mine and Honey's, it is our experience, our memories. WOW though!!!

I encourage you to have your own experience, create your own memories with Honey. Indulge / treat yourself, because Honey is the perfect gift. Indulgence - the treasure that is Honey.

Chris xxx
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