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Date published: June 6, 2019 at 8:47 am
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There is something about Honey, and to be honest i've been sitting here for 15 mins trying to put in words what makes this woman so special, she's unlike anyone i've ever met. She so dayum mesmerising and enchanting i just... just love her!
Being fresh out of divorce and throwing myself into my busy work schedule flying around the world countless times over the last year i knew i needed something to bring me back to earth. I knew something in my life has been missing, for way to long.... Thats when i came over Honeys profile, and what got me is the way she speaks about loving connection being the only cure. Sounds corny but i felt like she was speaking to my soul yearning. I'm a great believer in trusting my gut, and my gut was telling me to contact her!
I had to meet her, made arrangements for an overnight booking when i was in melbourne a few months ago, and boy oh boy was our first meeting was SO more than i expected!!! Honey is a vision, like i mean wow, everything from her mesmerising eyes,pouty lips, longgggg black hair, flawless body (omg- her body is insane, these amazing soft big breasts, tiny little waist and a booty like no other)
I actually remember the exact moment i lay my eyes on her, i was sitting at the hotel bar, eagerly awaiting her arrival, a little nervy, looked up at the perfect time as she walked through the door,
(you really cant miss her- i think every man and woman looked up when she walked in, she just has this way, this magnetic energy without trying) wearing this amazing skin tight red dress, exposing her cleavage and hugging her curves just so perfectly...
As soon as she figured out where i was, she beamed from ear to ear and embraced me like ive never been held before! haha, sounds crazy but her touch just sets your whole body alive!

Anyways, what followed was the most memorable evening and morning of my life (so what was an overnight event, i extended into a weekend booking!)
Honey and I had the most beautiful weekend together, it flew by so quickly, (and secretly i just wanted her to never leave) i have never felt so alive and connected with a person in my life, and following out first meeting i noticed life just felt so much brighter. One thing you will find with this woman, is that she has this zest for life, she is excited and passionate about everything, and it comes from such a genuine place in her heart. She has this deep care and love for everything she comes to contact with, and it was like it rubbed off on me. And man, did i need it!
Since our first meeting i've taken Honey on some weekends away and dinner dates when i'm in town, and each time it just gets better, which i am still trying to get my head around!
Honey, thankyou, from the bottom of my heart, you've awoken my body, mind and soul from a deep sleep i didn't even know i was in, you've reminded me of the gift of life and for that i will always be thankful.
Love always and see you soon, B xxx

PS, do yourself a favor and book this goddess, 100% you will be so happy you did
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