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Date published: April 13, 2019 at 9:26 am
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Therapy in its purest and finest form.

The truly unique experience this woman offers is a tonic to alleviate the most severe of our moronic everyday mental menaces. Each experience with Honey (third for me nkw and entirely hooked) was, is and surely will be the height of my sexual capacity. "Mind blown" is a weak description. Her intense, sustained sorcery gradually builds to an explosive climax and when it arrives is overwhelming. "Mind opening" may be a closer description.

Honey's tuning and attention to individual needs and desires seem to be effortless for her. Instantly, somehow, there is an old friend in company, regardless of the situation.

Pursue and handle with care, and consideration. The true value of the experience and relationship with this woman is not instant, swift nor short-term, but connect with her on the correct level with her expertly prescribed and absolutely mesmerising treatment of extactic sensation, sustained sexual reward and she will fuck your tiny brain until it is mush.

One-stop merchants, walk on. There is no comparison of service in this profession. None.
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