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Date published: July 18, 2017 at 11:37 pm
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... during my adolescent years I was always taught against 'kissing and telling' so it seems strange to me that I'm writing a review which essentially does the exact same thing I was taught against, but my experience with Heidi truly was such a shock that it simply needs to be told.
To say that she completely broke the 'escort mould' that I was expecting would be an understatement. My experience with Heidi was the epitome of a 'Girlfriend Experience', one that I will never truly forget.
I initially booked Heidi for a simple Dinner Date, 2 hours dinner and getting to know each other and 2 hours of desert. But after perusing her Scarlet Blue profile and finding her Twitter profile, I simply had to extend it. 4 hours would not be enough to experience Heidi, who she is and what she has to offer I can honestly say - are second to none.
Her Twitter profile describes her as 'coquettish', I find this to be an extreme understatement - barely scratching the surface.
Nervous as hell, I actually missed seeing her enter the restaurant.... I found her waiting politely for me at the bar. An Image that I will never get out of my head.... the black ensemble she was wearing (black jeans and jacket) immediately indicated she was not only a woman of elegance, but also of style. She knew what she looked good wearing, and knew how to be classy and tasteful in a manner that most women of today's society lack.
Dinner progressed better than I thought. As an awkward socialite, I often feel uncomfortable in the company of such an elegant woman - Heidi made me feel right at ease. I used the euphemism that 'I am a duck on water... while I seem calm on the surface, but little feet were going nuts under the surface of the water unbeknownst to everyone around me'. She realised this straight away of course, cracked some jokes to lighten the mood and 'humanize' herself with me. All of a sudden, I wasn't meeting a stranger... I was catching up with an old friend I had known for years.... dinner was magical, the conversation flowed the entire time and we immediately connected in a way that; whilst almost foreign to me, made me feel like I was 'at home' with my best friend.
... eventually the tension at the table got too much and we retired for desert.
While I can't go into details (my strict upbringing prevents me from doing so), I will say that extending the evening was the best decision I have ever made. Heidi awoke in me a passionate beast that I was completely unaware existed... and her own description of coquettish on Twitter is an understatement would again be wholly inaccurate. Heidi gave me such a night of unbridled passion that I fear my life will never be the same again. I will constantly be looking for, and failing to find another woman, who has not only the beauty of Heidi but the charisma to match it.
Simply put, I am a changed man.
Gentlemen, I for one can attest; 'be careful what you wish for... you might just get it...', and now that I've had it, I only want more.
Once you've had the pleasure of being in Heidi's company... you will be counting down the hours, days, weeks till you can find yourself blessed to be in her presence again.
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