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Date published: February 16, 2017 at 8:44 am
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I write this in the very warm afterglow of a two hour rendezvous with the delightful Miss Klein.

What can I say that hasn't already been said about this woman?

First, on Heidi the object, which captured my interest and haunted me to distraction in the days, hours and minutes between confirming the booking and meeting her in person. She is every bit as delicious as her photos would have you believe. Notwithstanding her slender frame, she has curves in all the right places, including a derrière the image and touch of which will linger on in my imagination. She is the woman lingerie designers have in mind at their drawing boards. And her skin! So soft, so glowing, so perfect to the touch.

But it was the pleasure of spending time with Heidi the person, not the object, that has compelled me to write this review. She is truly genuine, with no 'act' all. Heidi is not a perfomative extrovert - she opens up in conversation, giving more of herself in proportion to how much one gives in return. The result is a very natural interaction, and a sense of real intimacy. It was really a remarkable experience and I am left looking forward to my next opportunity to chat with her (among other things).

Moving on to those other things, I won't go into the details except to say that Heidi really knows - really truly knows - how to deliver pleasure in the erotic, ecstatic sense.

It's the package - the body you dream about in those fevered moments, the mind and intellect for forming connection through conversation and a genuine skill and passion for the carnal arts - that leaves me at this hour perusing my diary for the next opportunity to come to Brisbane.
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