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Date published: November 24, 2019 at 2:42 pm
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I first had the pleasure of meeting the radiant Harper Reynolds at the beginning of the year. I had an absolutely wonderful time with her, so I was overjoyed to arrange a second meeting last week. Why did I wait so long? Well, there were a number of factors at play – over which I had little to no control – but chiefly it seems it's because I am an idiot. What a beautiful, sexy, sincere, funny, clever, warm and passionate lady Harper is! What the actual f*** was I thinking, leaving it so long between bookings? It's not a mistake I'll be repeating, I can assure you.

As it happens, we picked up as if it had been days rather than months since our last meeting, enjoying conversation about matters great and small, laughing and setting the world to rights. You'll find no details of our date here – what happens in paradise stays in paradise – but our afternoon progressed with fun, laughter and much joy. Harper is a ray of sunshine sparkling through a gap in the leaves, a bright moon emerging from breaking clouds. She is stunningly beautiful and genuinely funny – as quick to laughter as she is to passion – and I felt we had a real connection. As we lay there talking towards the end of our date, I couldn't decide whether to pinch myself to confirm that I really was cuddling with a lady of such exquisite charm, or punch myself for leaving it so long between meetings.

Thank you for a glorious afternoon, Harper. I look forward to seeing you again very soon – and this time, I promise to be a little less maladroit in the bathroom. x

P.S. Bless you! ;-)
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