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Date published: July 10, 2017 at 1:32 pm
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I can still hear her laughter resounding through me, drawing me in, embracing me and filling me with so much pleasure and joy. An exceptional GFE has the ability to expose so many emotions. Harper managed to surface them all, ignite them and leave the smouldering embers filling me with warmth and a sense of well-being long after she'd left.

Everything about the day was exceptional - the tease of her early morning tweets, the rush of blood when I saw the snap of what she would be wearing, the coded message, the frisson that coarsed through me when "the coat" appeared through the hotel doors, the hellish frustration at being made to walk at a snail's pace on the way to the lifts behind other guests and then it happened - she laughed.  

I mentioned in my initial enquiry that I loved understated elegance with exquisite lingerie, but I didn't expect Harper to personify that image so perfectly.  Everything about the way she walked, the way she held herself, the lustre and cut of her hair, the naughty glint in her eyes, the dimple, the sophisticated simplicity of the dress.  Serene, stylish, sultry, oozing refined, cultured totally fuckable sex.  And then she laughed....

The taste of her lips, the sensation of her hair flowing between my fingers, the way her skin responded to my touch, the wetness - oh my god the wetness and the taste - I have supped with the gods and tasted their ambrosia: mmm.  And then she laughed ...

For my own personal journey, I very quickly found out that pure physical release was not what I was looking for and that the cerebral, the richness of experience, depth and breadth of being, someone who is capable of creating a shared connection to help ground me, force me into the moment, connect me to the world and release me to rejoice in the many things I have to be grateful for, that is, craft a far more spiritual release, is what I crave.  And this is what Harper gave me: on a beautiful platter adorned with berries and cream, wit and intellect, laughter and joy, orgasms and ecstasy. 

I cannot adequately convey just how she made me feel, just how supremely she lifted my spirits, pandered to my foibles, humoured me, allowed me to breathe (despite occasionally trying to drown me!), shared her self with me and helped create an experience for me that will stay with me for a very long time.  

And then she laughed ...
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