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Date published: January 4, 2017 at 9:24 pm
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There are many women that advertise a true girlfriend experience but not many of these women make you feel that you are really with a girlfriend. Hailey came as a breath of fresh air. I have seen women of the night for 20 years and in my time, I have only ever had three women I saw on a regular basis. I really was treated to a wonderful time with this lady. The encounter was amazing.

I am not used to this quality of call girl and have been paying according to my social status, but I have found in my time that it is very rare to find a lower class escort who would orgasm and I have grown sick and tired of women faking it. I don't have any joy with a woman pretending to climax. I have been used to shoddy encounters but today with Hailey I saw her climax four times and really enjoy herself!

There were little things that put me at ease. The way she was interested in my life, the way she was eager to know what I wanted in the bedroom, and she had a really intuitive spirit knowing I was nervous with the encounter.

If you are a sexual being this lady can fully satisfy you, if you like to connect in a deep way, this lady will set you at ease, if you love to passionately kiss, she simply will satisfy you beyond your dreams.

In my 20 years of seeing woking girls I have never had a better experience or met a finer woman. She is going to be someone that is going to become special to me and I will never seek another lady of the night as long as Hailey is working as an escort. I have never paid to have an escort for 3 hours, but I feel I want to take her out to the movies with me and hold hands and kiss, and then have an hour with her in the bedroom.

I could have made this review and erotic short story going into a frame by frame account our time together to convince you and arouse you, but I would prefer to say that she is the best escort I have ever seen!

As I was leaving, I commented that I loved her perfume that she was wearing, and she told me its name, and asked me to buy her some if I was willing. Now, isn't that just what your girlfriend would say?

She made love, she didn't fake orgasms, she tongue kissed, deeply and often, she enjoyed herself, she was very comforting when I was nervous, she didn't watch the clock like many women of the night do, and she is someone that I can see myself falling for.

I hope you find this review helpful.


PS I hope to read you story here in the review section soon. I would offer you a money back guarantee if that were possible!

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