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Date published: July 22, 2018 at 7:14 pm
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Earth Shattering Encounter!

I finally met Georgie on one of her international tours. I had read her reviews, and followed her on Twitter for a while so after a few twitter exchanges I decided I just had to meet this lady. The emailed booking arrangements were a breeze, and Georgie was friendly, and helpful giving me some great suggestions for our meeting.

The wait was agonizing but helped build up some tension for the eventual meeting. Georgie met me at the door and gave me a kiss on the cheek followed by an enthusiastic hug. I was a bit shocked because I was not expecting her to be so tall and statuesque! (You don't get that impression from her photos). I ran my hands up and down her back feeling her curves while I commented on how tall she was. She grinned cheekily and led me by the hand into the room.

We sat and chatted for a while absent mindedly stroking each other. Georgie was so friendly and bubbly and seemed so happy to see me. We got lost in the chatting for a few minutes before we both simultaneously remember we were supposed to be there for something else. Georgie gave me another cheeky smile (seems to be her signature look), and suddenly kissed me full-on! She is an amazing kisser... so much passion!

We completely forgot about chatting for a while and quickly got down to some craziness. I won't go into a lot of explicit details but would like to mention a few highlights. Georgie has an amazing body. It's become so common to encounter big busted ladies who are enhanced that it is a huge treat to encounter a lady with large, firm, natural, succulent breasts (yes I did spend a lot of time worshipping her girls). Georgie is also very sensitive and passionate when touched. When she gets aroused she becomes so energetic she is almost aggressive (like she is taking revenge on you for getting her so aroused).

I'm an older guy so I need longer bookings. Georgie and I spent a full 3 hours kissing, wrestling, chatting. She was so relaxing to be around that we could make silly comments to each other in the middle of an intensely intimate moment sometimes making both of us laugh hysterically in the middle of the passion. (ex: I was giving her oral and just before she orgasmed she told me she hoped she didn't suffocate me by crushing my face into her crotch... and I answered "mmfmffmfmfffmmm!!!!" It might not seem as funny reading it, but it was hilarious at the time)

Alas the time ran out and our adventure came to an end. Hopefully our paths cross again someday soon because I can't wait to have a wrestling rematch with my Aussie Amazon!

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