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Date published: May 17, 2017 at 4:26 pm
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I was recently lucky enough to meet the strikingly beautiful Evelyn during her visit to Hobart. This meeting was month’s in the making as the original meeting we had planned in February was cancelled by me due to illness. Evelyn was incredible throughout the booking process, communicating without delay and she was incredibly understanding about the whole situation and assured me that we would catch up soon enough.

That opportunity finally came about during her brief visit to Hobart and I am so thankful that it did. In the lead up to the booking, I let Evelyn know that I was both nervous and excited about meeting her. She assured me that she really isn’t as scary as she may seem, something that I had to disagree with when I met her in person. You see, I never thought Evelyn would be scary, I was just simply nervous to meet such a stunningly beautiful woman who has the most striking features I have ever seen. To many, Evelyn’s most striking feature may be the artwork that adorns her, however ever since I came across her pictures for the first time I have been taken by her stunningly beautiful eyes. Meeting her in person reinforced this for me but I must admit, there is nothing about Evelyn that is not stunning.
The meeting itself was incredible, from the warm embrace as I walked through the door to the hug on the way back out into the reality of a cold Hobart night. My time with Evelyn was simply wonderful, I found her to be charming, a little cheeky and extremely witty, all attributes that I find incredibly sexy. Some specifics of the evening will remain between us, however the memories I have of my time with the sexy, beautiful Evelyn are ones that I will treasure as part of our secret lives.

I can’t wait to see her again and again.
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