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Date published: May 12, 2015 at 12:01 pm
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I have admired, even lusted after Evelyn for some time after first spotting her some time ago when she worked at an agency.

I was pleasantly surprised when Evelyn’s profile appeared on ScartletBlue and much to my amazement and delight she was now Adelaide based.
Well I started to hope a meeting could/would take place
As luck would have it I managed to connect with Evelyn on social media. As we chatted it grew apparent that not only was Evelyn stunning to look at, but she was a lady of substance, integrity, intelligence and class.

I knew I had to meet her

Booking Evelyn was a simple process of politely and respectfully enquiring re her availability and suggesting a number of suitable alternatives to fit with her busy schedule. A date was quickly settled upon

The day finally arrived. When I first laid eyes on Evelyn, my first thought was I was dreaming. I was seeing a goddess. Her Photos do not do her beauty justice. How lucky was I to be in this ladies presence. I had flowers, chocolates and Sparkling wine for an ice breaker. Wine was shared and we chatted for a brief while before Evelyn decide it was time to explore Firstly on the lounge Evelyn sat on my lap and started undressing to reveal her latest Lingerie purchase.(stunning) Clothes were quickly dispensed and exploration began in earnest with lots of kissing, DFK caressing and touching

One word to describe Evelyn’s Body. Perfection. Her breasts are amongst the finest I have ever had the pleasure of touching Her artwork Exquisite.

Proceedings moved to the bedroom where things really began to heat up. I am not going to give you a blow by blow description. I will say that Evelyn s oral skills are extraordinary. She loves DATY and really gets into it. The lady is not shy in showing her enthusiasm and is very energetic and has a ton of energy .
Time quickly passed and before long it was time to depart.

Evelyn is rare. II really like this lady for so many reasons and on so many levels.

I cannot wait to see Evelyn again. This is a lady I intend to see again and again.

Thank you Evelyn for making it all happen I am blessed for meeting you
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