testimonials for Evelyn

Date published: July 19, 2015 at 11:41 am
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If I was granted 3 wishes they would be
1) to spend time with Evelyn,
2) to spend time with Evelyn,
3) to spend time with Evelyn.

I actually was granted these 3 wishes and they all came true, I love spending time with her.

Spending time with Evelyn is the greatest, she is so comfortable and easy to be around. She is such a wonderful lady, so intelligent and interesting, I love our chats. Time passes so quickly it's almost unfair, you are so transfixed on her. I believe I have really gotten to know her.

Evelyn is comfortable sipping the finest champagne, but enjoys downing a beer. She belongs in a palace, but enjoys camping. There is just so much to learn about the wonderful and amazing Evelyn.

Transitioning our amazing chats to a more steamy encounter is also comfortable, I haven't quite learnt how she does it but suddenly we are making out. Now kissing Evelyn is a dream, her full lips, her soft skin, her amazing scent, she arouses every one of my senses. Kissing her is a dream I would love to have every night.

Now, the steamy encounter moves to the bedroom, this is also so comfortable. However, you will have to speculate on the details because I will not mention anything that happens in there, that is not the gentleman thing to do.

My time with Evelyn we share together, it is special and so amazing, but it is our time, mine and Evelyn's, you have to find your own time.

I have deliberately not mentioned Evelyn's stunning beauty. You can see from all her amazing photos that she is stunning, gorgeous, beautiful, the list of adjectives is just not long enough to describe her. The photos are real, a true indication of her amazing beauty.

What amazes me even more / every time though is Evelyn's beauty as a person surpasses her physical beauty. You can see the photos, that is a massive call, but I have made it, she is just such wonderful and amazing lady.

You are truely wonderful and amazing Evelyn, Chris xxx
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