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Date published: July 20, 2016 at 2:51 am
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Evelyn, for those who know her nothing else need be said.
When ever she is on the way to Brissy the texts get exchanged and it's always like u are the only one she knows and is texting , "no long now"... "see u soon" and always the perfect lady, no impropriety no hidden agenda, trustworthy to the letter, leave yr life in her hands and get it back nurtured soothed and revitalized.
It's the forth time , and each interlude supercedes the last , she grows on u , she is addictive and extra special in her perfect enhancement .Our world should have more Evelyn s in it a lot of Evelyn s would never want to go anywhere else. She has this radiance about her which when it touches u holds u not wanting the time to end.
Sweet gentle fully committed responsive to the max in total Uniontown the happy fusion of two souls
That's why there are no words needed on paper for those who know her.
Ranks with the greats totally unique ; only ever be one Evelyn rare gift of nature to mankind

Asteroid .
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