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Date published: October 7, 2018 at 6:43 pm
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I will start this review by saying I’d looked at Evelyn’s profile on SB so many times it was ridiculous and I just thought nah this lady is out of my league. I’m going to tell all you punters out there I was wrong , wrong and wrong again Evelyn is so down to earth and one of the warmest people I’ve had the privilege to encounter. The best thing about Evelyn besides the obvious that’s she’s smoking hot is her banter , Evelyn has a great sense of humor which straight away puts you at ease.

My first liaison with Evelyn was initiated by a very good friend of hers introducing us via a 3 way tryst. It all went smoothly and we met at Evelyn’s apartment in the CBD of Sydney. I knocked on the door and when Evelyn answered let me tell you the lady is better looking in person. Evelyn welcomed me in with a kiss and we sat down on the couch while all 3 of us had a chat and Ingot to know Evelyn a bit better. If you follow Evelyn on twitter I’m gathering you will probably guess who the 3rd lady involved is but for now I will leave her name out of it.

After chatting for a while Evelyn planted a deep kiss on my lips and bam I thought I was going to faint as all the blood in my body rushed to one area. As Evelyn was kissing me our other partner involved started giving me a blow job and I’m like shit I’ve got to be in heaven. After changing places and Evelyn letting me know that I’d made the right decision in booking these 2 absolute stunners, right in front of me they start to kiss passionately I’ve shaken my head and thought that’ll do me stop right now or this shows over.

We then headed to the room where I won’t go into great detail but let me say this fellow voyeurs BOOK Evelyn May now she’s not in Sydney for that long a couple of days at the most every month or 2 but don’t let the opportunity pass.

I’ve have seen Evelyn once since that time on her own as I think I was pretty overawed first time round. I think I enjoyed it more as my nerves were gone and plus I could just concentrate on beautiful lady not 2.

Final word don’t let fear stop you as it did myself, Evelyn is one of the most kindest human beings you will have the pleasure to meet. I will definitely be visiting this gorgeous lady again in the future.

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