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Date published: October 5, 2019 at 2:54 pm
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I knew I wanted Eva the moment I saw her on Twitter and luckily she had Melbourne on her plans not long after.

The photo of her at the phone booth looking as casual and uninhibited as can be had me hooked and I had to see her.

She doesn't use an assistant for enquiries which meant we could build towards our catch up which is so unappreciated sometimes. A lot of effort goes in to that and I for one very much appreciate that about her. Tells me straight away that she values connection, which for me is paramount.

The day finally came and Eva was exactly how I had hoped she would be. Real, natural and a true hedonist and you feel that she is there for the pleasure as much as yourself. Which is all you can ever expect from a perfect play partner.

We had an absolute amazing time. She is in her natural habitat diving deep in your fantasies and her presence is genuine which paves way for a comfortable space to share your desires and multiple orgasms :)

She is exactly like the vibe you get from her socials and much prettier in real life. Even compared to the stunning pics from her recent shoots! and you know that's saying something!

Her body is quite perfect. As petite as she is, she has perfect natural curves and a seductive tight body that gives your hands the control of where you want her... her eyes are captivating and gets this look on her pretty face that will get you thinking the most sinful of thoughts when she smiles at you.. makes you know that she wants every piece of what's in your head.. I don't think I need to say more.

A few minutes chatting with her and all I could think of was how I wish many corporate execs had an ounce of her business acumen. She is impressively switched on.

You also do soon realise that Eva is also very much uninhibitedly comfortable in her sexuality. The fact that she is a total hottie just makes the experience one you would regret if you passed on the chance if you ever have the opportunity and to that end, I am smiling even as I am typing this that I absolutely treated myself by being with her. As far as endorsements go I can't think of any better way of putting it.

It was a pleasure in every sense of the word Eva and I look forward to a time we can catch up again xx
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