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Date published: July 23, 2019 at 12:04 pm
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The first thing one notices about Estelle is her eyes - if you think they are seductive from her photos, you've got a severe understatement there in person. They are practically black (brown, actually) holes of sheer intrigue and appear to stare deep into your soul, if only to draw out the heat that rests beneath the surface. That, coupled with the dazzling smile that is guaranteed to melt the iciest of hearts (like mine), emanated an intense energy that makes you feel like Icarus - too far, and you want the highs, too close, and you might die from sheer proximity.

Estelle is more than just a pretty face (and body) - while her photos certainly do her no justice, and she's far more attractive in person, the one thing that allured me the most was her exuberance and brazen, honest, intensity. She doesn't hold back on what she thinks, but is not one to be impolite in doing so - clearly she's also spent a lot of time in her head and own thoughts, because anything you discover with her in conversation is perfectly well-thought out. She has what can only be described as superhuman levels of awareness, and woe betide you if you think anything escapes her attention - and I mean that in a good way!

The energy, the honesty, and those eyes, those eyes...melted away all awkwardness I have, and the best reward I had from the time spent with Estelle was not how much I enjoyed myself, but how much I saw that she enjoyed herself along with me. That was indeed the best birthday present I'd ever gotten, and I can't wait for the next time she passes by my city to see her again!
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