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Date published: December 19, 2018 at 4:07 pm
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So I decided for Christmas this year that my present to myself would be an overnight booking with Estelle.

As the cliche goes, I certainly do feel afterwards that all my Christmases came at once. Boom Tish!

On a more serious note, this was my third time with Estelle but first time for an extended booking and in short I have to say I don't think I can go back to just a few hours booking again. I already knew that Estelle was delightful company and her conversation full of interesting, varied and intelligent discourse on just about any topic that could come up, and whilst I knew physically it would always be an exciting time with her, I suppose what I did learn is just how amazingly affectionate Estelle is and there is no better feeling that waking up with Estelle snuggled up to you like a contented cat.

I can most assuredly say that whilst my first two times with Estelle were seared into my memory with the happiness and warmth of a thousand suns, this third time with her was like a supernova experience that has left me walking around for a few days afterwards with an almost permanent grin on my face.

If you haven't had the "Estelle Experience" then make it a priority in 2019 to arrange it.

I know I will be again, and it won't be waiting for Christmas again.
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