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Date published: May 4, 2018 at 10:42 pm
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Why did it have to end...

As I was browsing SB, I stumbled upon the lovely Emy and her photos, as well as her profile. I felt compelled to email and make the booking. She responded promptly and sweetly accepted. She was so bubbly and adorable it assured me I'd made a good choice. Then the night came, I arrived at her place of incall...

I was wrong - I'd made an *EXCELLENT* choice. There she stood, white lace top, black skirt, and the chic leather combo of boots and jacket. Then I looked up to a lovely face, eyes and sweet lips. No makeup either, Emy's a natural beauty. Then she spoke, with a surprising accent (which I shan't reveal here) that was quite sexy. From there, the night went to chatting and getting to understand each other. It became an enchanted evening of sightseeing and talking and dinner and hugging, all of which she was brilliant, mindful and overall brilliant.

Then, an unexpected makeout session followed, which started so innocently, somehow *still* ended up in the bedroom. The fiery seductress appeared and guided me through one of my most mindblowing experiences... It was nothing short of enlightening.

It was a golden night with Emy, and damn it I'm definitely booking another. Fellows, I implore you - Go for it. If you wanted to have a fulfilling time and feel like royalty, you want Emy Lane.
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