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Date published: May 20, 2019 at 8:23 am
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To say that Emy is merely an angel is an understatement...

Recently I was blessed to have another dinner date with Emy, and she was attentive, charming and delightful from the instant I made it to her floor. We talked for a while, went down to have a nice dinner, and (no joke) the fireworks came along on cue. The stars aligned perfectly. From there we went back to her room, played a nice card game, talked, watched some videos, and the night ended in her loving caress.

Going to get a little personal here, the few weeks prior to this night were lonely, frustrating and depressing, but this should be seen as a testament to Emy's charming presence - she gave me a little bit of light, and she made me feel loved. Honestly, it was a night I needed.

Emy is a beacon of shining light and kindness that will give your heart some much-needed repair. I certainly recommend this lovely lass. She may be a devilish 'Southern Belle', but she's also a Guardian Angel.
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