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Date published: October 2, 2019 at 10:55 pm
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I saw this wonderful woman today where I learnt the meaning of authentic. You know how sometimes you might see and experience something awesome in nature such as a rainforest walk and really start to feel In tune with the universe, well this was my experience today. From the very beginning of meeting Emma I was transfixed by her beauty, her choice in clothing, perfectly stylish yet extremely alluring at the same time-most unusual sensation. Emma is extraordinarily intelligent and could converse on many subjects I suspect. The photos don’t do her justice either.
Her sensitivity to individual needs is beyond what I have experienced with several girlfriends over the years. Please allow yourself enough time to really get to know Emma and I’m so doing find out a little bit more about yourself and gorgeous women like Emma who don’t come along very often. Anything under an hour and I think that you will miss a truly unique moment in time. Even if I had a time machine like Dr Who, I doubt wether I could find many women who could compare to the exquisite beauty and service of this passionate woman. Emma, the memories from today are Forever etched into my brain. I can’t wait to make more with you.
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