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Date published: June 11, 2017 at 9:57 am
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After seeing Eloise twice with fantastic time before, I haven’t got a chance to see her again for over a year. On her recent Twitter, Eloise branded herself as a pregnant escort: “Pregnant escort and lover of all things kinky. I look like a librarian but looks can be deceiving”. What? a pregnant escort? That would be very interesting, I thought. My lucky day came as she announced that she was going to tour my city! I immediately contacted her and made a time. In fact, I had overbooked myself so I was using my punting fund allocated for the next month! As always, Eloise asked me what I want to play so a comprehensive naughty list was made :) she was happy to do most if not all. I reminded her that we would go with the flow instead of following a love making manual.

All her emails were full of warmth, openness and professionally done with endings like “Warmest regards, El xo”. I just like her. I believe this is related to her education in philosophy and psychology. You kinda of dating a female philosopher :)

After every detail was finalised, I just wait for my date to come. A couple of hours before the date, she emailed me her incall address. As usual, I scrubbed myself well esp. in the mouth and genitals. I went directly to her hotel door. Behind the door was this beautiful and familiar lady of my dream. She had body hugging dark blue dress, highlighting her lovely baby bump. We just stood there, hands in hands, to catch up our stories since we met a year ago. It was fascinating to hear her beautiful laughs and voice again. I was very excited.

The time after this was a total debauchery abandon with DFK, shower together and a lengthy golden shower on me. Then we proceeded to spectacular face sitting, DATY, CBJ and hottest sex. I witnessed again the definition of “multiple whole-body pulsating orgasm”. Eloise was brilliant, arguably one of the best in my limited sexual experience! The final score was 4:1 with Eloise win.

We snuggled together to catch up breath and chatted away. She told me more about herself and I did the same too. I gently rubbed and kissed her baby bump wishing her a natural birth as Eloise hoped.

Again, Eloise did not have a clock to time our time together.

I decided not to have a shower so I would carry her smell with me the whole day. Hope my co-workers would not pick up the scent of a hot babe’s pee on my body and the fragrance of a cute pussy on my lips!

Eloise is simply gorgeous, beautiful, nice, bubbly, playful and orgasmatic young lady. Whoever had her as a girlfriend or wife is the luckiest bastard!

Thanks Eloise. All the best to your pregnancy!
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